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Trips, places of interest and eating out around Bodrum

Below is a short list of local places of interest for travellers to visit. We will be adding more content in the near future.

  • Bodrum is a good starting point for a journey along the Carian Coast, with its aura of mythology and history, known today as the Yatching centre of Turkey, and the construction of traditional wooden hulled boats known as Gulets. Many of these boats can be seen in Bodrum Marina adjacent to the prestigious Yatch club and Castle. Here, many day trips can be found to nearby islands and coves, one being Karanda where you can enjoy a theraputic mud bath.
  • A must visit for any one vaguely interested in history is Bodrum Castle, with its wealth of special exhibitions with artifacts dating back to the knights of Saint John in 1402.
  • For beach lovers there are many secluded beaches around the penninsular, all with lovely restaurants nearby. Try: Gumbet, Bitez, Ortakent and Akyarlar.
  • The nearby resort of Mamaris with its perfect natural harbour and abundance of lovely fish restaurants is a must visit.

The small fishing harbour at Guvercinlik and Halibs fresh fish restaurant, the Balik, is an absolute must: fantastic food and great company, watching the Raki as the sun sets !

We will shortly be adding a review for the new Sur La Mer Bistro and Cafe Bar in the small village of Gulluk owned by Expat Sheila this space..

For true sun seekers the average temperatures for Bodrum are as follows:

January 11c - April 22c - July 32c - October 23c. Please remember that these are only averages and the weather is often much warmer. There is a constant sea breeze around the Bodrum penninsular, but it is much warmer than it feels, so please ensure you have adequate sun screen to prevent sun burn and a ruined holiday !

The Balic fresh fish restaurant
The sevice is excellent
Exterior dining
A small family run restaurant
A warm spring night at the Balic
Bodrum Castle in the evening
Small fishing harbour
The small fishing harbour at Guvercinlik