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The Stoneguard Group

The Stoneguard Group

The Stoneguard Group is a company with a rich and evolving history dating back over 50 years, Stoneguard’s name has been synonymous with quality and craftsmanship in the fields of restoration and conservation working on many prestigious projects including Buckingham Palace, The Houses of Parliament, The Bank of England, The London Underground, Tower Bridge and Westminster Abbey. These skills have extended themselves into new pastures where traditional skills were found to adapt themselves ideally into the installation of more individual, sometimes even futuristic concepts

The core philosophy of SGG is to adhere to and abide by the principles of healthy and ecologically friendly building in construction methods. We are especially proud of having an established and dedicated team based in the United Kingdom. We are very committed and motivated to create Housing Solutions with renewable technologies, which are not only beautiful and energy efficient, but also eco-friendly for a whole new generation of clientele. We at SGG actively seek new technologies that support our ecological goals, providing essential support and funding at the right time in their development, to gain maximum market share and penetration.

Our strong belief is that only businesses living up to their social, economic and environmental responsibilities can be sustainable. We also regard sustainability an important factor in our strategic success. Our clients receive state-of-the-art technologies and solutions. These solutions are innovative, efficient and minimize consumption of resources. We help contribute to the environmental protection and thereby the conservation of natural resources. Sustainable thinking is therefore an important part of everything we do.

“To revolutionise the building industry by manufacturing carbon neutral energy efficient homes engineered to high standards of quality and luxury...”
The Benefits of an Eco Home:
  • There are many very real benefits to living in a green home, and every day, more people are discovering those benefits.
  • Owning a green home is good for your life style, health, your wallet and our environment.
A Healthier Home
  • Eco Homes’ use of toxin-free building materials helps combat indoor air pollution, which can be much worse than outdoor pollution. Unhealthy air inside can pose serious health risks for residents.
  • Natural ventilation in an eco-home, as well as use of mechanical ventilation systems to filter and bring fresh air inside and vent stale air outside, keep residents breathing easy.
A Cost-Efficient Home
  • The net cost of owning a green home is comparable to – or even cheaper than – owning a standard home. If upfront costs are higher, it is often because many architects, homebuilders, engineers, plumbers and other industry professionals just don’t have the knowledge and experience to cost-effectively plan, design and build a green home. Finding a professional familiar with green-building techniques will save you money and ensure you’re getting the best-quality work possible.
We Incorporate All Generate Green Technology into the Build Project