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Property Investment in Turkey

Turkey is the latest property investor’s hot spot. Low prices, possible inclusion in the EU and a strong economy make it one of the best property investment areas at this time.

It is widely regarded that now is the ideal time to invest into the Turkish property market. Turkey has started the process of joining the EU, which traditionally makes a huge difference to any property market.

Turkey has a large and fast expanding tourist industry that looks set to continue to grow, creating even more demand for quality accommodation - ideal for off-plan property investors.

Turkey has stunning beaches and a climate that far surpasses many of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations, with easy cost effective access from most UK and European Airports.

Property prices in Turkey are very competitive and all indications show that Turkish property will appreciate rapidly with the introduction of more flights and mortgages as well as a more mature EU application..

Property in Turkey also has an extra appeal to investors: with a huge Turkish population of around 70 million, there is massive demand for property from within Turkey, so the market is not totally reliant on foreign investment. If the Turkish EU application is successful then internal demand for quality accommodation in the best locations will become even greater..

  • The Turkish economy is very strong with 5.5% GDP growth in 2005
  • Stunning beaches and climate make it a very popular holiday destination
  • Turkish summers are a lot longer than many other EU destinations offering more hours of sunshine per annum
  • Turkey has a huge population of 70+ million. This creates a strong internal property market meaning investors are not reliant on international investors for resale.
  • Turkish population growth is around 2% per annum with 70% of the population younger than 30, this creates a strong local market
  • Over 25 million tourists visit Turkey each year boosting the property market and creating strong buy-to-let possibilities
  • Low cost of living and long summers make it a favourite retirement spot for the Europeans
  • Turkey is considered to be a highly dynamic country by the World Trade Organisation