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Owners and Lettings Charter

This page provides details of our proposal for each property owner to enter into an enforceable Code of Conduct Agreement for the benefit of all property owners. Below is the start of the content of the agreement which will be added to as we progress

1.0 – No Persons shall cause a nuisance to another with excessive noise (if you have a party keep the music down to a reasonable level, respect other people’s right to quiet)
1.1 – No Persons shall deliberately discard litter around the development site
1.2 – No Persons shall urinate on or around the development site
1.3 – No persons shall use profane language to another (report any dispute to the management)
1.4 – No persons shall use drunken abusive behaviour to another
1.5 – No persons shall deliberately damage any flora, fauna, or other site facilities
1.6 – No Children under the age of 16 are to be allowed into the adult pools (except for training exercises)
1.7 – Children under 16 are to be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times
1.8 – All site facilities are used at the users own risk and the site owners take no responsibilities for any damage to persons or property during use
1.9 – Any damage must be paid for within 7 days of notification of the costs
2.0 – No persons may throw rubbish or bottles into the swimming pools
2.1 - No persons may take or use another’s private sun loungers or equipment without permission. The free issue loungers may not be pre-reserved by placement of a towel the night before use
2.2 – No persons when returning or arriving late at night or early in the morning may disturb the other occupants with unnecessary loud noise
2.3 – No persons may block up the common areas and walk ways with golf equipment, diving equipment or any other goods. These areas are for safe access and egress of people only and must be kept clear at ALL times
2.4 – No persons may deface, scrawl, write on or damage any property on or around the site
2.5 – No persons while under the influence of alcohol or drugs may drive or allow to be driven on or around the site any vehicle provided by the management or any other persons. THE DRINK DRIVE LAWS ARE VERY STRICT IN TURKEY
2.6 – Ball games other than soft ball games are not allowed anywhere on the site save for ball games in the pool.
2.7 – No Persons may be disrespectful, make racist or disingenuous remarks to another or to any of the local population
2.8 – Stealing will not be tolerated and will be punishable by prosecution.
2.9 – Deliberate non-payment of maintenance charges will not be tolerated and enforceable recovery will be instituted after 14 days of notification
3.0 – No persons may carry out the repairing or racing of cars on or around the development site
3.1 - The Individual Lagoon View Property owners are solely reponsible for their occupents actions on the site. We require that if you let your property, you take out adequate damage insurance for your guests