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News Updates on the Lagoon View Development

Lagoon view instruct geophysical survey

Following on from the approval of the Architectural detailed drawings by the chamber of Architects for Milas the Lagoon View development Directors have instructed a geophysical ground survey to be carried out on the site, this survey provides the structural engineers details of the rock sub strata which then enables the engineers to acurately determine the density and deflection of the new conctrete frames which will become the skeleton of the Villas and Apartments.

This exiting new instruction means we are one step closer to actually starting the overall project on site this year.

8 years 13 weeks
Milas Chamber of Architects

Lagoon View Development`s Architect Sinan Aturkali recently submitted the final construction scheme drawings to the Milas local chamber of Architects for approval, the Lagoon View team are very pleased and proud to announce that all of our drawings submitted to the Mila chamber of Architects have been approved and the appropriate certificates issued, we will be posting scans of the approved certificates on to this webb site later on this week.

The final step now for Lagoon View is to sign off the mechanical, Electrical and Public health drawings being finalised by Mike Carter of Project Co-ordination UK,we can then apply to the Municipality of Bodrum for our Construction Licence to commence works on the site.

8 years 17 weeks
Lagoon View Construction Funding

After many months of researching the financial markets for the right construction funding partner Lagoon View Developments Turkey has agreed terms with an International financial partner for our first development in Turkey.

Phil McCarthy has confirmed that Lagoon View at Tuzla near Bodrum Turkey has been approved for construction funding by their financial panel, Subject to the agreed valuation of the development site we now anticipate being able to start on site at the end of August or the begining of September 2012. Being able to prove to our puchasers that Lagoon View has the finances in place to construct the whole development within an agreed time frame has been the priority of the owners, each purchaser will be given a copy of the construction finance agreement between Lagoon View and the first Lender and a second charge over their selected property once their deposit is paid providing them with investment security.

Graham Wright and Chris Shorter the two principle owners of the site said " we are extremely pleased that Phi has secured international funding and will be providing the construction funding for Lagoon View,we intend that Lagoon View will become a brand which will be recognised as a sign of value and quality in the competative holiday homes Investment market " Graham and Chris would like to formally thank the Lagoon View professional team for helping to make this exciting project a reality.

8 years 21 weeks
New external 360 deg pool view

The Under croft space will be fitted out as a small bar, spa, and shop area, the Bar will provide hot and cold drinks and snacks during the day and early evening, the shop are will sell locally sourced basic commodities,fresh fruit and vegetibles, the spa will have some basic health training equipment ie running machines and rowers for the keep fit fans, we are trying to incorperate some shower and changing rooms within this space with some lockers for the owners.

This are will be leased seperatly to a local manager to ensure the quality of supply and service is maintained, the manager will also be responsible for keeping the pool area clean and clear of any rubbish, we will however expect all residents to use the bins and refuse facilities provided.

8 years 31 weeks