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News Updates on the Lagoon View Development

" Bodrum " the new St Tropez ?

The new Nikki Beach Hotel and Spa is due to open in Bodrum during 2014,the Hotel and Spa chain will bring yet another 5 star plus high profile Hotel to the Torba bay area of Bodrum, With Turkeys continueing strong economic outlook and the demand for good quality property increasing steadily "Lagoon View" is becoming an ever more desirable investment opportunity,Off plan reservations have started to pick up and the Lagoon View owners are hoping to commence construction works this year after a series of contractual delays.

5 years 35 weeks
Phil McCarthy provides proof of funds

Phil McCarthy the Lagoon View management teams Independant financial advisor has provided the Lagoon View Directors with proof of funds for his recently agreed property fund.

The Lagoon View management team have a meeting arranged in London next week to meet with the fund assesor and agree final terms for the development finance.

Graham Wright one of the Lagoon View Partners said " we have spent a great deal of time ensuring we secured the best deal for the development, we have been badly let down in the past and have learnt some painfull lessons, we are now confident that with Phils team on board we can make the dream of Lagoon View a reality, we are passionate about perfection and this will be evident in the quality of our development "

6 years 3 weeks
Lagoon View Ground works

At a meeting held in the UK last week, Graham Wright and Chris Shorter discussed the formal method that the ground works contractor will use to level the site ready for the construction of the apartments and Villers, Grham Wright said " we want to re use as much of the lovely natural rock bed as we can, we want the contractor to use the rock to build the retaining and ornamental walls within the site, this will reduce the developments land fill requirements and our carbon footprint, we want our development to be as sustainable as possible " forward thinking like this will help the team achieve as close to a zero carbon foot print as possible.

6 years 7 weeks
Lagoon View Owners near completion of Due Dilligence

The delays to gaining construction funding due to the Global Recession seem to be coming to an end, Chris Shorter said " we have been informed that our stage one Due Dilligence has been completed and we can now go forward to agree contract terms and conditions " we hope to be able to commence the ground works in August 2012.

8 years 6 days