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Information about Turkey

Whenever you make the decision to invest in property, it is important to know as much about the location as it is the development itself.

For that reason, Lagoon View Developments have accumulated as much information as possible about Turkey, so you can appreciate all that Turkey has to offer and why it's the ideal place for a holiday home. We want the decision you make to be the right one for you.

A country where people from different cultures, religions and ethnic backgrounds come together, Turkey has a geography as ancient as the human culture, where the ancient continents of Asia and Europe meet. Turkey is a paradise of sun, sea and mountains, while at the same time offering its visitors the pleasure of viewing the historical treasures of its magnificent ancient cities. From February to November our location in Turkey has an ideal climate providing perfect conditions where any visitor can enjoy the comfort of sandy beaches coupled with the unique atmosphere of Ancient Cities. It is doubtless that just one visit will not be enough, one will want to come back time after time as the extraordinary places and tastes are discovered.

Turkey: exotic, colourful, many-faceted, romantic, ever-old and ever-new, is the gateway and the key to the fabled East. Turkey has a magnificent past and is a land full of historic treasures.


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