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Buying Process

  • The luxury Lagoon View Development is being sold on a first come first served basis. To secure your property and your property type and location, whether it's a ground or first floor apartment or a villa, Lagoon View Development will require a holding deposit cheque from you for the sum of £3500.00. Please see reservations section. Your deposit payment is to be made out to Lagoon View Development client account. This deposit money will be placed in our UK HSBC Bank account based in Waltham Abbey in Hertfordshire. Our UK Solicitor will issue a receipt for your deposit which will state your preferences for site location and property type. This initial deposit money is COMPLETELY refundable to you at ANY time up until four weeks prior to the commencement of the construction. This will then become a legally binding part of the Purchase Contract between us.
  • We will instruct our legal team to notify the builder when we are ready to enter into the construction contract in accordance with our final construction programme during the four week period in step one. It is at this point that you will be required to make a further payment of £35000.00 to the same UK HSBC Bank account. You will then receive your legal pack from our Lawyers in Turkey Messrs XXXXX which will detail the land registry title for your unit, together with all the necessary paperwork for you to sign. (WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU HAVE YOUR OWN LEGAL REPRESENTATION). Once you sign the purchase documentation, you will have entered into a full contract to purchase your Apartment/Villa for the price you have been quoted. You will have committed both your holding deposit of £3500.00 and subsequent payment of £35000.00 to the project. We will provide you with a legal charge on the freehold site relative to you. Although you will then be in contract to purchase a property from Lagoon View Developments, we will NOT forward any money from the UK HSBC Client account until our UK Quantity Surveyor issues a payment certificate for monies to be paid to the contractor or professional team for works completed. If you fail to meet ANY payments requested for the property you have selected during the construction period on the dates they fall due, this would constitute a breach of your binding Purchase Contract with LAGOON VIEW DEVELOPMENTS. At LAGOON VIEW DEVELOPMENTS managements discretion, LAGOON VIEW DEVELOPMENTS reserves the right to re-market your property with immediate effect. YOU WOULD LOSE ACCESS TO ALL MONEY PAID TO LAGOON VIEW DEVELOPMENTS for your selected property UNTIL THE DEVELOPMENT as a WHOLE WAS COMPLETED AND ALL COSTS REASONABLEY INCURRED by Lagoon View Developments in association with your default COULD BE ASCERTAINED. You would then be refunded your monies LESS all of LAGOON VIEW DEVELOPMENTS costs incurred in the disposal your property.
  • As stated in the CONSTRUCTION SECTION you will receive a copy of our overall construction programme. This programme will highlight the next date for you to make another progress payment to Lagoon View Developments for your particular property. The next stage payment of £35000.00 will fall due approximately mid way through the first quarter of the development time frame as detailed on the construction programme. You will be required to pay the outstanding balance of your purchase price when we issue you via our Architect your certificate of legal occupation on completion of the construction work and after all snagging works are signed off. You will NOT become the legal owner until we receive your last payment and issue you with your final purchase settlement receipt and property TAPU (Final land registry document). IMPORTANT NOTE: As the construction programme allows for the progressive completion of the works, although the Architect can issue you a certificate to occupy your premises, should your apartment be one of the first to be built and finished, other construction works may still be on-going: i.e. ground works, pool works, painting, lighting, snagging etc for some time after the main construction work is completed. The construction programme demonstrates we have kept this period to the minimum. We will endeavour to minimise the impact of the above but it WILL affect your ability to let your apartment as not all the site amenities will be available to use until the whole development is complete.
  • MOVE INTO YOUR APARTMENT / VILLA AND RELAX ! We will issue to you in the UK for your review a property snagging sheet which will demonstrate that we have carried out our Quality Assured snagging excersise on your individual property. Please retain this document and refer to it during your final inspection. We will then arrange for your collection of your keys and your building Operating and Maintenance manual. Our site supervisor Mr Ted Lester will issue you with a final snagging sheet that we REQUIRE you to fill in BEFORE you accept your Apartment or Villa as complete. Please check the contents of the form and add any comments you wish. ONLY sign the form if you are happy TO ACCEPT THE FINISHED PROPERTY. Ted will attend to any issues you may have on the day to ensure your complete happiness. You WILL be charged for any re-visits the builder has to make after you have accepted your finished apartment/villa, this excludes any latent defect visits (the acceptance form will be issued with your legal pack so you will have plenty of time to consider its contents). For us to continue to develop land in Turkey, we can only trade on our reputation. This reputation can only be gained from the references that our happy customers supply: we will be requesting references from you on completion of your purchase that we may wish to publish on our web site.