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About Us - Our Mission Statement

Christopher Shorter and Graham Wright are the principles of Lagoon View Developments and after spending many years holidaying in Turkey with their families, but never finding the right quality of property for the right cost in the right location, they are making this dream a reality. This is OUR mission statement: This project is the first to come off of the drawing board for Lagoon View Developments and as such will offer the latest in 2010 quality standards. After many months of searching for the right location, looking at the local infrastructure and ascertaining the right travel distance from the airport, Lagoon View Luxury Villas and Apartments will be the centre piece of our flagship luxury developments in Turkey, giving us the opportunity to maximize our and our client`s investment potential, while building a pleasant, high quality, low density relaxing environment for families and couples alike.

We believe our development will be one which others aspire to, not just for quality and value, but, because we are passionate about our rest and relaxation environment, we want to reside in an area that will retain the original Turkish atmosphere and the real Turkish feel while having the advantages of modern cost effective low energy consumption technology, coupled with the latest specifications in building standards, design and materials.

We will NOT be producing big expensive glossy brochures or employing rude percentage based pressure sales staff. We are the investors and project developers, and as such we will be producing all the sales information and literature which will be honest, comprehensive, factual and up to date.

We have employed Mr Ted Lester, a UK Project Supervisor to be resident on site to oversee the development in Turkey. He will joined monthly by Graham Wright and quarterly by Chris Shorter to reveiw site progress and attend the professional team meetings. Ted will provide photographic updates and weekly detailed written site reports on the project progress and quality which will be coupled with a live site webcam for purchasers to view real time progress.

We have used our respective combined UK and European construction industry skills to set a level of quality control and project management that our competitors can only aspire to achieve. Click here to see a list of our full team of professionals.

We have restricted the density of this development to twenty apartments and two villas. We want to build a niche community, not shoe horn people in to the minimum space available.

We are going to build a boutique environment which we can all enjoy. You may wish to purchase a property just for the lettings potential and never use it yourself: while this makes good business sense it can also have a detrimental impact on the quality of the enjoyment for others. It isn't easy to manage someone elses behaviour four thousand miles away, that is why we have established an enforceable Code of Practice for all the occupants of Lagoon View, for the mutual benefit of all the owners, guests and residents. This code of practice would be managed by the managing agents who would have the power to evict noisy, rude or drunken occupants. The protocol would be for any complaint to be reported to the site manager who would then speak directly to the offender/s requesting they respect the wishes of others. Should this fail, they will be instructed to leave

During and after the construction phase we will make ourselves personally available to you to ensure that YOU receive the best service we can provide a fellow investor.

We will consult with you regarding the final formatting and layout of the apartments, the overall site layout, the replanting and the maintenance and management service charges. We will, where possible, incorporate your recommendations and requirements into the project prior to our final instructions to the team to proceed.

We will issue you a copy of the overall site construction programme for you to track the progress of your individual apartment giving you plenty of time to arrange your own site visits and arrange your own personalized finishing touches.

We will make our site supervisor available to escort you around the project and answer any questions you have regarding the construction. We can at seven days notice arrange for you to be met on arrival at the airport (Bodrum) and be taken to your hotel, then at your lesuire we will arrange for you to be collected and brought to the project.

We will keep you updated with the progress of the development via a monthly construction progress report as well as the site web cam. We want to keep you abreast of the local news with a monthly news letter or a blog section on our web site.

On completion of the project, we intend to employ a local English speaking company to manage the site maintenance: this company can also arrange to let your property for fixed durations or manage your private lettings ensuring that you have hassle free holidays in this beautiful location. Alternatively we will be providing a managed lettings service which we would be happy to talk to you about

Finally for all the reasons above, Chris and Graham invite you to join them on this wonderfully exciting once in a lifetime adventure.